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Wireless charger + LED light
Wireless charger + LED light

Wireless charger + LED light

Model NO.:

Wireless charger + LED light
Package:1pcs/whitebox  70pcs/ctn  53*23*29cm  12.5kgs 


Product material: Plastic ABS shell
Size: 166 * 127 * 100 mm
Input voltage: 12V / 1.5A 9V / 2A 5V / 3A
Wireless charge output: 15W
Product function
Plug in the charging port itself
2. The mobile phone can be charged wirelessly by placing it in the position of the transmitting ring
3. Touch type: desk lamp switch
4. LED lamp: 29 lamp beads
Product configuration
Standard configuration: charging line + product + package
How to use this product?
2. When charging the mobile phone, the indicator light will be on
3. Touch the middle part of the handle. Light up
3. When the handle is up, it can be used as a support
5. Application range:
1: Suitable for external charging of mobile phone with wireless charging function
2. The product is a wireless fast charging scheme. It has short-circuit protection, over-current protection, metal foreign body detection protection to ensure normal and safe current output;
3. Novel design, small and delicate appearance, household lamp
Safety precautions:
1. Do not attempt to remove or replace any part of this product
The whole product conforms to environmental protection, but no certification