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wireless charger +Bluetooth speaker+night lights +table tops
wireless charger +Bluetooth speaker+night lights +table tops

wireless charger +Bluetooth speaker+night lights +table tops

Model NO.:

wireless charger +Bluetooth speaker+night lights +table tops
Package:1pcs/colorbox   60pcs/ctn  43*35.5*27cm   27kgs          
一、 Wireless charging:
Suitable for iPhone 12 wireless charging
Scheme: yingjixin, double coil
1. Power: 10W / 7.5w/5w compatible (15W can be customized)
2. Input: 9v-1.6a/5v-2a
3. Output: 9v-1.2a/5v-1a
4. Transmission distance: 5-7mm
5. Transmission power of mobile phone: 10W (can be customized 15W)
6. Efficiency: >85%
7. Working frequency: 100-205khz
Bluetooth Audio:
Bluetooth chip: Jerry
8. Horn impedance and size: 4 Ω 3W, 4.5cm, 5cm shell
二、 Night light:
9. Touch switch and dimming
10. Gear light changes: cold white, warm white, mixed white
Mobile phone wireless charging, Bluetooth audio and night light can be used at the same time, and the fast charging head is required.
11. Shape color: White (the back pattern can be customized, water transfer printing)
12. Material ABS + silica gel
Certificate: appearance patent CE Rosh FCC
The whole machine is environmentally friendly

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