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UV Sterilizer
UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer

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UV Sterilizer

Disinfection of mobile phones (glasses, keys, earphones, masks, etc.) is a cheaper and safer way of handling。 Package:1pcs/whitebox 60pcs/ctn 60x51.3x24cm   MOQ:3000


1、Micro Input: 5V 1A

2. UV: 0.6W x 3

3. Lamp bead 1 true 2 false

4. UV function: 2 lights, charging red light is on, full red light is off;

5. UV: Hall switch and magnet (installed on the shell) touch; Hall switch is on, 3 UV LEDs (in parallel) are on and off after 15 minutes;

6. Cell: 18650 1500mah (UL certification); standby battery: 2000mAh later optional

7. Equipped with USB a revolution micro male 1a 2-core wire

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