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On-board magnetic wireless charger
On-board magnetic wireless charger

On-board magnetic wireless charger

Model NO.:

On-board magnetic wireless charger
Package:1pcs/whitebox 100pcs/ctn  53.5*31*20.5cm      
Specification of 15W magnetic suction wireless charging
1: Maximum transmitting power: 15W
2: Minimum input current: 2A
3: Input voltage: 5V 9V 12V remarks: default priority handshake 12V. No 12V handshake 9V
4: Output voltage: 5V-12V remarks: it is determined by the mobile terminal.
5: Output current: 0-2a note: the current size is determined by the mobile phone, the current is variable.
6: Working distance: 2-8mm
7: Above: 75% charging efficiency
8: Executive standard: Qi supports all Qi standard mobile phones
9: Standby power consumption: less than 50mw
10: Protection mechanism: short circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, FOD protection.
11: Temperature protection: the apple mobile phone will adjust the power according to the temperature of the mobile phone itself. Generally, when the temperature of the mobile phone exceeds 36 degrees, it will require the transmission to reduce the power, so there is a normal phenomenon when the power changes.
12: Charging pop-up window: Apple Wireless pop-up window will appear only when it is not unlocked. And there should be a 5 second interval for continuous operation, because it takes time to eliminate the pop-up window and judge whether the transmitter is charging off or taking the mobile phone away.

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